CORE RegTech – Efficiency in client delivery

CORE RegTech is a cloud-based compliance platform that was originally developed to help GRC consultancies deliver their services efficiently and effectively to their clients. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our users continue to deliver their retainer services seamlessly to their clients thanks to CORE RegTech. The platform is proven to enable Consultants and their clients to interact and engage remotely. Consultancies using CORE RegTech have stronger, interactive, and durable relationships with their clients, making each side of the business relationship more efficient.

CORE RegTech provides a simple interface between consultant and client, making it easy to oversee progress on deliverables, from both the consultancy and client point of view. Our consultancy clients benefit from more efficient delivery of compliance monitoring solutions, policy management, financial promotion approval and general interaction with their clients, leading to stronger and enduring business relationships.

CORE RegTech differs from other compliance solutions on the market in that we provide you with a single simple solution to help your clients manage their compliance requirements in one place. Development of a comprehensive platform like CORE RegTech would take years and require enormous capital investment. Our solution will give you a branded, ready to go offering, bringing you up to speed with the market immediately.

CORE RegTech Functions:

  • Compliance Monitoring and Testing Programme
  • Documentation Library
  • Regulatory Liaison Repository
  • SMCR Module
  • Attestations / Declarations Management
  • Regulatory Filings Task Management
  • Financial Promotion Review and Approval
  • Incident Management, including complaints, breaches and trade errors
  • Conflicts Suite (G&E, PA Dealing, Outside Business)
  • Regulatory Project Management Tool
  • Reporting

Benefits of Using CORE RegTech

  • Tried and tested white labelled RegTech solution without the time, pain and cost of development
  • Competitive advantage over peer firms
  • Improved efficiency in delivering compliance services
  • Oversight of consultant delivery and client interaction
  • Simple and effective reporting, saving time and effort

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